Revolutionary VR Experiences At Pixel Framers we specialize in unique, custom, and accessible VR experiences that redefine that potential of the platform. From immersive real estate tours to thrilling adventure games, our capabilities are limited only by the imaginations of our clients. Learn More War Yards War Yards is a cross-platform VR shooter that completely reinvents bullet time combat mechanics. Set against the backdrop of a stylized American West, the game sets a new standard for multiplayer VR combat. Play Now Expand Reality Our VR Real Estate experiences have redefined the sales and development processes for the luxury market. For the first time, investors, buyers, and more can walk right in the front door of a new project long before a single brick is laid. Get A Quote STAGECOACH STORY A revolutionary conversational VR experience that utilizes advanced A.I. to truly immerse users in a classic western story. Play Now


Oculus Rift and Oculus Go Experiences

Accessible VR

Oculus produces some of the most advanced and accessible VR headsets on the market.

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HTC Vive and Focus Experiences

Advanced VR

HTC Vive Pro and Vive Focus elevate all standards for both tethered and mobile VR.

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Google Cardboard Light Experiences

Scalable VR

Google Cardboard represents the most economical solution for VR marketing.

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Retail Reinvented

Visit the new state of the art Raspberry Pi Retail store in Cambridge, U.K. via our photo-realistic virtual tour. This short experience shows off the cutting edge of what’s possible with mobile VR.

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Behind The Product

Our custom VR experiences provide manufacturers with the unique ability to take every potential customer on a detailed tour through their factories and manufacturing processes.

Allow investors, buyers, and designers to experience your real estate development project from city streets through to rooftops before a single brick is laid.